Start Me Another Car (S.M.A.C.)

Start Me Another Car, (S.M.A.C.), is a term that is commonly used in the Police field as a way for one

Officer to call another Officer to their location for assistance with a problem. No Officer should ever be

afraid to call on another for assistance when dealing with a problem, even if that problem is Post-

Traumatic Stress. Law Enforcement Officers undoubtedly deal with a great deal of stress on a daily basis,

which, when compounded with traumatic events, can often lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,

otherwise known as PTSD. Here, SMAC’s main mission is to raise awareness for PTSD, while recognizing

Officers who may need a way to decompress to lighten the heavy burdens often carried. By doing so,

SMAC offers Officers and their families several activities, which include, but not limited to, camping trips,

hiking trips, fishing trips, etc. free of charge, as a way for Officers to decompress, and maintain a healthy

state of mind. SMAC, working collectively under the Law Enforcement Officer Support Foundation, strives to

serve those that selflessly serve our communities day in and day out. If you or someone you know needs

to lighten the stress load, que the mic and state, "Start me Another Car". You are not alone!

Contact S.M.A.C. at: 

“I know that reaching out for help is no easy task. Rather, I know it to be quite intimidating for

many. I say this, because there was a time I too feared where my career would end up if I asked

for help. That was until I met Attorney Leigh Panettiere. Leigh has always been a supporter of

Police Officers mental health, and has always been there to help guide Officers through any

legal issues that arose because of their stress relating to the job. Leigh is a true inspiration, a

passionate supporter, and a wonderful legal advocate for Police Officers and their mental health.

If anyone needs any legal advice pertaining to the stress on the job and how to approach it, 

there’s no one else I would recommend.” – Tom Kelley, SMAC

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